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Kululush Records operates as a new record label bringing out new quality recordings from independent artists in the field of Jazz, World music and improvisation. 

***** (2019) GOLEK - HEINE - ROELOFS: 'Flight of the Ant' (featuring Mike Roelofs - Hammond, voice/ Achim Heine - Drums, voice/ David Golek - Guitar/ voice.

***** (2014) TILTAN - 'A Road Less Traveled': Featuring Oleg Fateev (Bayan), Natalio Sued (Ten. Sax), Oene Van Geel (Viola) & David Golek (Guitars, vocals & composition). 

***** (2012) Simin Tander & David Golek: 'Folksongs From Another Land' by Vocalist Simin Tander and David Golek has been the first cd launched by the label. 

New recordings are expected to be realised soon,

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